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Our solution

Business enablement Solution - D2C cross-border SaaS platform in Latin America that enables merchants to sell globally, easily and frictionlessly, with localized browsing, global logistics intelligence, and financial solutions to boost e-commerce growth.

Localization Solution
Shopping global has never felt so local

Shopping experience as local contributes to more traffic and better conversion for international merchants

  • Catalog translation for local languages

  • Unit conversion

  • Localized navigation

  • Price conversion to local currency (with no FX risk for the merchant)

  • Localized checkout accepting local payments methods and instalments

  • Native language customer service

Payments & Antifraud
Comprehensive financial solution from Pay-in to Pay-out

Comprehensive financial solution from local payment methods to international remittance provides for either merchants and shoppers the best cross border experience

  • Pay-in: cross border gateway accepting all local methods

  • Pay-out: international funds remittance with no FX exposure

  • Timely settlement with detailed reports

  • Highly adaptive process for order cancellations and refunds

  • Local import tax payment

Shipping & Returns
Modular logistics platform

The platform offers flexible and modular delivery methods (Courier, Postal and Prime) for each step to adapt to merchant's particular needs

  • Global network of logistics partners

  • Wide variety of delivery options (locations, price and lead times)

  • Detailed, fully integrated D2C order management tool

  • Specialized returns portal

  • Complete end-to-end tracking

Risk & Regulation
Customs compliance

Our E2E automated solution guarantees customs compliance to all LatAm markets, supporting tax payments and legal risk mitigation

  • Accurate calculation of taxes and duties

  • Full compliance with local customs legislation

  • Compliance with international data protection laws

  • Product classification (HS Code)

  • Products local restriction handling

Platforms Integration
Simple integration connecting

flexible integrations simplify selling in 20+ sales channels

  • Multiple integration options (FTP, API and Store plug-in)

  • Open APIs for simple integration

  • Full integration with main Saas platforms worldwide

  • Full integration with main LatAm Marketplaces

Marketing & Insights

Boosted growth based on data

Our Business Intelligence analysis contributes to set sharp strategies enabling higher results for merchants

  • Demand analysis per SKU

  • Product pricing suggestion

  • Customized dashboards & reports with main business KPIs

  • Market benchmarks to support decision making and sale increase

  • Insights for higher conversion and sales increase

  • Marketing campaigns based on seasonality 

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